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You don’t have to have a world-changing agenda in order to have an ethos as a company. In fact, we’ve all got one. It’s the thing that drives you to do what you do, the most important point you convey when briefing a new member of the team.

Your ethos can be a big selling point. Some companies make their eco-credentials the heart of their brand (Velvet), others the fact that they believe in being at the very front of new technologies within their industry (Dyson). Consider Costa Coffee – you can’t do much more to convince people how much you love coffee than putting coffee beans at the centre of your logo! Your company ethos is one of the reasons why customers will choose to do business with you, so it is important that your brand accurately reflects it.


We all know that colour, shape, form, and material play a role in influencing a person’s impression of a product or company. You don’t have to be a designer to tell the difference between friendly, corporate, wacky, and professional looks. Fonts and shapes can be soft, edgy, strong, relaxed, happy, powerful, and so on, and each design choice helps to reinforce your brand ethos. Design helps people to get a feel for your company, and that includes your core beliefs and values.

Tone of Voice

Tone of voice is the way in which you choose to speak to your target market. It can be very formal, friendly, casual, sophisticated – there are endless choices. The way you choose to speak to your target market tells them a lot about your attitudes. Think about Innocent Drinks: their tone of voice is friendly, relaxed, and open. Considering their core values are sustainability and responsibility, this is much more appropriate than the kind of language you’d find on a solicitor’s website!

Continued Messages

Some of your marketing materials may have a specific purpose, such as a new special offer. It doesn’t matter if a certain project is meant to be used for one week (a leaflet) or several years (your website) – everything you put out into the world should have the same key message. This is where the importance of good branding comes in. It shouldn’t matter if someone is holding your business card, reading your brochure, or looking through your website: they should still be able to get a strong idea of the basic principles you operate by.


Potential customers will go elsewhere if your marketing is confusing. A lack of consistency in your message is one of the things likely to put people off. You don’t want your website suggesting one thing, and your flyers another. This is why it is important to keep your ethos at the centre of your branding. It is a lot harder to go ‘off track’ with your marketing if you are using those core values as a template.

Getting your beliefs into your brand

Your company ethos might already be a part of your branding. Or you might not be sure. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does my branding represent the core beliefs of my business?

  • Is my ethos coming across clearly in my marketing?

  • Can my target market identify how my values make me someone they want to do business with?

  • Do all aspects of my branding convey my ethos?

If the answer to any of these questions is anything other than ‘Yes’, give SW1 a call today and discuss it with us. There’s no harm in having a chat about the potential for your branding.

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