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Videos are a great marketing tool, especially in today’s world where consumers expect the content they consume to be fast and attention grabbing. There’s a time for text, and there’s a time for well-produced, well-scripted brand videos that convey your key messages in a way that your audience responds to.

Making video marketing work for you isn’t just about what’s in the video itself. There are plenty of requirements to think about from a back end point of view, starting with where to host your video. It may seem the best course of action is to upload it directly to your company website, but will you really get the best out of your content there?

Here’s why you should consider a video hosting service such as YouTube or Vimeo.

1. Forget about hosting restrictions

Your domain provider allocates you a certain amount of storage space for the content and files associated with your website. A text-based website, or even one featuring a lot of images, can require little space to store it all. Videos, especially when produced in HD format for best results, take up a lot of space. Depending upon file length and formatting, an hour of HD video can take up several gigabytes. If you plan on having multiple videos on your site, you may quickly find yourself having to pay for larger server space.

Meanwhile, most video sharing sites give you unlimited space for uploads. Considering users upload more than 400 hours of content to YouTube every single minute, you can be sure they’ve got plenty of space available for storage.

2. Keep your website running smoothly

Another element of your hosting which is rationed is your bandwidth. This is the amount of data from your website that the server can send out at any given time. If, as you would hope, your video becomes very popular, you could find that so many people are trying to watch it at the same time that the server cannot stream the required amount of data within your bandwidth restrictions. Just like with storage, you could find yourself having to pay out in order to upgrade your capabilities.

Bandwidth is a problem for your video hosting site to worry about, not you.

3. Make and upload just one video

We aren’t talking about how many separate pieces of brand content you produce here, but how many different versions of the same file you must create. While those watching on a desktop PC or laptop with a high-speed internet connection are going to be able to enjoy the full HD experience, you’re going to want a smaller version of your video for people watching on mobile via a 3G data connection. In fact, you’re going to need several different versions of your video, all in different data formats, to make sure that everybody can watch your content regardless of their device or connection speed.

Or, you can let a video hosting site do all this work for you and simply upload one file in the required specifications.

4. Enjoy greater exposure

Even if your SEO is very good, are you sure that your target market is going to Google their problem and not turn to YouTube for an answer? YouTube is the platform for online video content, so if you’ve got something exciting, engaging, and relevant, it makes sense to put it in front of the largest audience. By hosting on YouTube you get to piggyback on their marketing, their reputation, and their brand awareness.

And with the video description box and the annotations tool, it’s still easy to direct people back to your website.

Take the hard work and cost out of your video marketing

If you are a large-scale company with lots of staff hours, resources, and money to dedicate to hosting videos on your own servers, it might make sense to do so. But for smaller companies, or those with less expansive budgets, external hosting makes a lot of sense.

We said a couple of times in this post that it is important for your video to be of the utmost quality. Not everybody has the skills and technology available to create these themselves, but everybody has access to someone who can help them. With our talented team and our industry experience, SW1 are the perfect choice for impactful and engaging video marketing.

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