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Every page on your website should have a specific purpose. Your landing pages are perhaps the most specific of all. These are heavily tailored pages that your target audience arrives on after clicking a certain link. Landing pages shouldn’t be included in your navigation bar or indexed by search engines, making them completely invisible to people unless they have the specific URL for that page. Whether they find your link on your Facebook page, on a banner ad, or after hearing a radio advertisement, anyone who clicks should end up on a landing page.

Here’s why.

Landing Pages Make Tracking Your Marketing Campaigns Easier

As we mentioned in our previous blog post, it is vital to track and measure the effectiveness of your marketing. Landing pages can make this task a lot easier. If all your promotional efforts are just pointing to your website in general it can be very hard to track what’s working particularly well. If you create a landing page that can only be accessed by people who have the link, and then only use that link in one specific location or campaign, you can use the analytics for that page to measure the effectiveness of your marketing. This can be useful for measuring everything from print advertising to affiliate referral schemes.

Increase Your Chances of Success with Targeted Landing Pages

We have talked before about the importance of tailoring your marketing to get the best response from the audience. It starts on a very broad level with deciding where to place adverts, but from there you can refine every single aspect of your campaigns to make them as appealing as possible. That shouldn’t stop once the advert has gone out. By creating a specific landing page for each part of your campaign, you are able to continue personalising your content to keep it as engaging and relevant for your audience as possible. This is particularly useful if your product or service appeals to multiple target markets; just because different audiences like what you are offering doesn’t mean they want to be spoken to in the same way.

Use Landing Pages to Keep People Moving Down Your Sales Funnel

One of the problems with pointing people to your website in general is that there are then several different routes they could go down. They could go and read your blog, your ‘about’ page, look at all the different services or products you offer, or even follow your social media links and leave your website completely. Any of these occurrences could be a wasted opportunity. You should have a very clear goal in mind that you want to achieve from each person who follows a link in your marketing, and your landing page should be set up to help you achieve that specific goal. So if your aim is to collect email subscribers, your landing page should feature a large, prominent sign up box, and some text about why the visitor should sign up. This is clearly far more effective than pointing someone to your homepage and hoping they stumble across your email signup form.

Keep Special Offers or Benefits a Secret

Sometimes you might want offer discounts, freebies, or other incentives to a certain group. This could be people who saw your advertisement in a particular place, those who follow your social media, or people to click on a banner ad on a specific website. Landing pages allow you to offer these perks without having to broadcast them so that people who aren’t eligible know about it. There’s lots of ways you can use this: how about discussing with your advertisers to see if there’s anything they wish to promote, so you could offer joint deal on your landing page? Keeping this on a separate landing page allows you to entice new customers without ruffling the feathers of your existing ones, while making sure that nobody who isn’t eligible to claim the offer in the first place accidentally tries to do so.

Landing pages are a precision tool that allow you to present the right information to the right people. They help to keep your target audience moving down the right path, towards the goals you have set for your campaign. They reduce the risk of losing a prospect before you can make a sale or convert them, because everything they see is entirely relevant to them.

Give landing pages a try, and you’ll find your campaigns become more effective.

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