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Providing you with an edge

Getting us on board when planning your marketing strategy provides you with a fresh viewpoint and a confidential service. Together we will give you the marketing edge that you are looking for by providing honest advice on how to bring your ideas to life. The added benefit of using us at the planning stage is that we can help tailor and deliver the full strategy from concept to execution. It’s just like having your own marketing department.



Creativity is at the core of our business

From words to images our creative team ensures your message is seen and heard quickly, easily and simply. We can help you with pretty much anything but we specialise in branding and identity; product and corporate literature; and digital and print advertising.

Branding and Identity

Getting the right message across to your customers is crucial. The right brand and identity allows you to separate potential customers and people who aren’t interested.  This involves getting to the heart of your company; your customers (existing, past and future); your products or services; competitors and everything else related to your business.

All of this assists the development of your new brand and how it is to be perceived.


From small strip adverts to full-page broadsheet adverts, digital display to social media, we ensure your message is clear, precise and aimed towards your target audience. Regardless of medium, our work consistently maintains your brand standards wherever you are seen.

With an extensive library of publications and ever-enhancing digital advertising opportunists our in-house media team ensure we get the best package for your campaign and budget.

Getting in on the ground floor

A good strategy is the foundation of any marketing plan. With a solid framework in place, our marketing team can execute your campaigns in a timely, friendly and productive manner, to make sure you get the most out of our services.

Our campaign management involves working to tight deadlines, sourcing and securing the right media for your business, and ensuring you have open communication with a dedicated point of contact within the agency.


Knowledge is Power

Understanding your customer’s needs is essential. Market research is the key to ensure your proposition and its message resonate with your target market. With the use of sampling feedback, questionnaires, on and offline services and focus groups we can guarantee the delivery of your products, services and messages is clear and efficient.

Direct Mail

Your promotional message delivered straight to your customer’s front door or desk, beautifully designed and printed.

Whether you’re focused on lead generation, introducing a new product, Customer Relationship Management or database development, Direct Mail has a role to play. Use it to send a card, letter, brochure or catalogue – we can help you engage your customers or prospects with design and delivery.


Got a special offer, new product, event, or perhaps a change of address? Anything that your customers or potential customers might need or want to know about your business can be easily achieved through email campaigns. We have the capabilities to design, test and send your required message directly to your customers. Personally and at the most appropriate time for your market place.


Our telemarketing service delivers a steady stream of qualified leads. We identify the decision maker, obtain their contact details and send an email preparing them for a follow-up call. We get in touch a couple of days later to qualify the lead and request an appointment.

Simply help us to identify your key goals in terms of target market, call volume, conversion rates and number of appointments and we can begin. We’ll confirm details of the appointment with both parties so that you arrive completely prepared and find a fully qualified lead eager for more information.

Depending upon your needs, we can arrange one of three types of appointment, getting you face-to-face with either:

  • A fully qualified lead who needs a service like yours, with a strong chance that you can make a sale.
  • A fully qualified lead who may have an opportunity to do business with you now, or in the future. They could be currently dealing with another supplier, or simply not be able to commit at this particular moment. However, they are open-minded and interested to hear more about your services.
  • Someone who is interested in your services and could potentially do business with you, who wants to hear more from you.

web and social media

Keeping up appearances, digitally

Designing and building, developing and managing. We don’t just build websites for our clients, we manage them and ensure they remain optimised correctly, giving you a web presence that delivers.

Want to use social media to build business? We can build this into your marketing plan so you can focus on your clients and business needs.

Big or small – we deliver

A website is important because it helps you establish credibility as a business.

It is a reflection of your company and if your site is designed badly it makes you look bad and can often give a feeling that you don’t care about your customers.

Bottom line? If you don’t have a website, you’re losing business. If you have an outdated or rough website, you’re losing business.

The help and support we offer includes simple blog web pages to fully responsive mobile websites and almost anything in between.

Whether you’re a multinational corporation or a self-employed audiologist, we’ve got you covered.

Make some friends

These days if you’re not using social media then you’re losing business.

We believe social media is essential as Facebook alone has around 1.3 billion monthly active users. That’s a lot of people for you to get your product, service, or organisation in front of.

We can help: we understand taking a few hours a week to make worthwhile content across the diverse social world is time some people just don’t have. We can plan, create content, and manage your social media allowing your business to get out there and make friends while you focus on other important tasks.

The right shot enhances your communication

We are fully equipped to provide you with a complete photographic and video production service to suit any situation. From product photography to on-location shooting, promotional videos to Facebook clips, we can cover it all.


Whether in a studio or out on location SW1 pride ourselves on getting you the right shot to convey your message. The final image combines all aspects of light, focus, and subject to create an effective brand asset that speaks to the viewer.

Our team of photographers have a wealth of experience in the commercial sector, as well as with wedding photography. Projects have included A14 barrier installation, The Mason’s Arms plated food shots, Phoenix Exhausts and Broadoak perfumes. Images created for our clients have featured in numerous publications from Highways to Farmers Weekly.

Video Production

With skills developed during two decades of broadcasting experience, we ensure we deliver clear, concise and engaging communication.

Incorporating Kernow Pods, SW1 works as part of the Cornish Living TV collective, producing high-quality content for educational bodies such as Universities, broadcasters from Sky News to ITV, and corporate videos for product launches, customer knowledge and editorial use.

videos and photos


Experience to deliver showstoppers

We work with attention to detail, ensuring that all event aspects are considered and delivered to a timely schedule within budget. From pre-event invitations to post-event client leads, we can work with you to plan and operate a successful and memorable event.

We manage both corporate events and industry exhibitions, and we have worked with excellent stand production teams to produce tailored exhibition stands on behalf of our clients at the NEC Birmingham, ExCeL London, RAI Amsterdam and Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre.


We design exhibition stands which work, not just look good. Guided by your business goals our design team will listen to your ideas and merge these with our experience of creating winning displays. The end result is a design that will enable you to achieve your marketing objectives.

With our studio team, we are able to provide 3D visuals with graphics rendering, giving you the chance to review your stand with a more detailed and animated walkthrough. Experience it as delegates so you can be sure the finished product lives up to your expectations.


Each stand is supported by a full set of visuals, from line plans to graphic layouts. Once approved the build team work to detailed plans to ensure a stress-free opening to your event.

Your design manager will remain your point of contact throughout the project. By giving you one point of contact and regular updates on all aspects of your stand management we promise the event will run smoothly.


Exhibiting is one of those activities which takes up more of your time than you would expect.

As part of your full marketing plan, SW1 will guide you through the shows you should attend and the best locations available. Once you’re happy, we can take care of the rest. From concept to clean up, SW1 will manage your show agenda ensuring the best return on investment, allowing you to focus on your customers and business needs.

Targeted communication

By working with you to understand your ethos and proposition we ensure your message is clearly communicated and understood by your customers.

Your marketing strategy is complemented with both traditional and digital communication methods. We manage and implement press releases, social media, events and media relations to best promote your business within your industry.

Editorials PR

Our team of writers develop case studies and editorial stories from start to finish, talking directly to your customers to get the right message across to others.

Researching, interviewing, writing and adding photography, we ensure your case studies or editorial projects are fulfilled quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Creative Copy

A picture may say 1000 words, but with well-written copy, you don’t need 1000.  Keeping messages simple enhances any campaign and our copywriters ensure the message is succinct, clear and easily digestible as well as fitting to your brand ethos and campaign message.

Working together the studio team ensure consistent use of words, layout, and carefully planned documents across different literature within your business, maintaining your brand at all times.



Producing exceptional tangible products

Understanding print is essential, that’s why we work with our printers to ensure our designs will be perfectly delivered.  Working relationships with strategically placed printers and reproduction units mean you can be assured your brochure, exhibition stand, or even tea towel will be printed to the highest standard and delivered on time and within budget.

Designing for Print

We bring every print project to life with well-written copy, bespoke design layout, and eye-catching photography. Our in-house studio has the technology and experience to design and present your brief, from an A6 postcard to a 64-page corporate brochure.

Printed and delivered to you by your deadline – after 23 years without missing one you can be assured that we will deliver.

Having printed with foil and embossing, stitching and engraving we’re not afraid to try something different either, so feel free to set us a challenge.

Delivering Print

We don’t stop at the design. Our studio team are passionate about print, including new techniques like foil and embossing, stitching and engraving, steel and glass. We’re not afraid to try something different to help you stand out.

We will propose, test, and specify print options to match you branding styles, campaign messages or corporate feel. With our associated printers or your own contacts, we can ensure the project is delivered to you as a complete package.

Bookkeeping is a bit like laundry

If you don’t do it, it piles up and eventually you get caught short. It’s a dreaded task that many business owners avoid, even if they can find the time to do it. So why not do the sensible thing – let someone else take care of it for you; the bookkeeping not the laundry!

So here’s what we can do for you:

  • Daily bookkeeping
  • Bank reconciliations
  • VAT returns
  • Year-end
  • Monthly or quarterly reports
  • Profit and loss balance sheets
  • Specific reporting
  • Nominal reconciliations
  • Payroll
  • Invoice collection

Email and IT solutions

We can also provide Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 email management services with signature advertising alongside hosting services and IT cloud development.

business services