Asset VRS Calendar


Each year we are asked to produce a wall calendar to display Asset VRS products and services throughout the previous year. Using images of their products in locations across the country in a variety of environments showing their products working to keep workers and commuters safe.

Distributed to individuals in the roads and highways sectors, these examples must be presented in the highest quality.

Asset International Vrs White And Blue

Wall Calendar

The principal use of these calendars is to showcase the work Asset VRS has facilitated throughout the previous year, their products’ ubiquity throughout the country and suitability for any application. This allows prospective customers to see how Asset’s products might work for them in future projects.

Since Asset VRS has a wide range of products offering protection in countless applications and situations images must be chosen carefully to focus on key areas. Throughout the year we photograph Asset VRS products, therefore, we amass a vast library of images we can use for this project. We visit existing long-running installations to capture the products’ necessity as work progresses; new installation night works and post-install photography to ensure we capture all stages of installation and the product in use.

15432 Asset Calendar 2019 Pages
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15432 Asset Calendar 2019 Back Board


The calendar design originates from Asset VRS’ established brand but has seen evolutionary changes over the years to draw more focus towards the product images. Elements such as thick borders on inset images and an overlay behind the product logos are used to draw some attention to alternate views of the products and product brands. A strip across the lower section of the image includes specific information about the product name and location.

The front page of the calendar features the images from each month and logos of the products contained within. The lower part of each month’s page contains the month’s dates in the centre with the past and future month on each side. The inclusion of the past and the future month is to allow for planning without the need to flip through.

The  backboard includes Asset VRS contact details and is slightly taller than the rest of the pages, so it is constantly visible.

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This item will be used for 12 months so we make sure it is produced using high-quality materials that ensure it looks its best throughout the year. Metallic silver is printed throughout the calendar to provide a high-value feel in common with the Asset VRS high-quality products.

Product Photography

We capture many images throughout the year by making numerous site visits across the UK. We have worked with Asset VRS for many years and have built a vast library of images that we can take advantage of.

SW1 prides itself on getting the right shot to portray products in the best light. When digital processing is required, however, we use the latest Photoshop software to remove blemishes, lens flares or items that couldn’t be excluded while shooting. We ensure the best look for these products by balancing colours, reducing haze and increasing clarity to make sure they look as they would in person.

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