Asset VRS Highways Exhibition Stand 2019


Asset VRS and Hardstaff Barriers briefed us to design a joint exhibit for Highways UK 2019 similar to the one we created previously in 2018. This was the main lead for designing the stand. The plans had to be equally suited to both companies and include new branding created in 2019.

As well as designing and building the stand, we were also asked to produce supporting artwork such as neutrally branded posters and datasheets about the products. They also requested that we update and print the jointly branded brochure which features both new logos and products from both companies.

Asset Logo White

Exhibition Stand Plans

The main difference this year was the exhibition stand size, being smaller, we started this project by creating plans for the framework which would accentuate the products on display and highlight the artwork and specs on the factsheets/posters. The display also needed to be clearly branded between each company whilst not clashing.

The plans featured a square centre masthead with the two-brand logos alternating on each side. This gave us space for four of the products to be placed on each corner of the stand area. Above the products were display units which would feature a poster on one side and an image of the product in-situ on the other to highlight usage and product benefits and specifications.

Asset Hardstaff Highways Uk Stand 2019 Mock
Asset Hardstaff Highways Uk Stand 2019 Mock2
Asset Hardstaff Highways Uk Stand 2019 Mock3

Promotional Merchandise

Light beverages, including coffee, were to be served at the show so a sleeve was created to promote both companies. The sleeves needed to be  bright and eye catching so they could be seen as people walked around the show.

The design of the cup sleeve followed on from the joint branding and datasheets. Product images were placed underneath brand colours so that the colour of each were clearly shown and made the design aesthetically appealing.

15956 Asset Cup Artwork V1 Pictures

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15966 Hardstaff Datasheets V15
15966 Hardstaff Datasheets V16
15966 Hardstaff Datasheets V17
15966 Hardstaff Datasheets V18
15966 Hardstaff Datasheets V19
15966 Hardstaff Datasheets V110

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