Hardstaff Barriers Product Brochure


We were tasked with producing a product brochure for Hardstaff Barriers which displayed products clearly and effectively with images as the main focus.

The final printed brochures were produced to a high standard with additional high-value finishes.

Hardstaff Logo Full Colour

Product Brochure

As part of Hardstaff Barrier’s refresh, SW1 were asked to pull together sector specific campaigns with a targeted approach for each. Focusing on the ‘roads’ sector, this first brochure centred around clearly showing the benefits of their products in real-life situations where pedestrians and workers are protected from vehicles.

While having the product speak for itself with the images that were used to show them in situ, we also needed to make sure there was sufficient relevant technical information displayed without overloading the design with too much technical detail.

Hardstaff Spead 1
Hardstaff Spread 2


Most design cues were taken from the existing logo and used elements of that to create an engaging viewing experience. A grid layout was chosen that would work well with an angled element to segregate different product information, while also providing a clear path for the viewer to follow.

Illustrated versions of all the products were created to be used throughout the brochure, providing straight-on views of the products alongside technical drawings to show measurements and weights.

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Hardstaff Spread 3
Hardstaff Spread 4
Hardstaff Spread 5

Special Finishes

To ensure Hardstaff Barrier’s presence in the concrete barrier market was matched by its brochure, we made use of several value-adding finishes to achieve this. On the cover, specifically, a metallic Pantone® was used alongside scuff-free matt laminate and high-build spot UV treatment applied to the logo.

Internally, we used a fold-out page to showcase additional accessories that could be paired with a specific product range without disrupting the flow of ‘one spread per product’ that had been adhered to throughout.

On-Site Photography

Working with Hardstaff Barrier’s customers across the country from Scotland to the South West, a range of on-location shots were taken showing products being used in their sector-specific environments covering a range of applications.

SW1 prides itself on getting the right shot to convey a product or message in the best light. Due to some locations having high amounts of dust and dirt, noninvasive digital cleaning techniques were used in some situations to show the product as it would have been when new.

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