Indian Motorcycle


Indian Motorcycle approached us to help them celebrate 100 years of the Indian Scout Bobber at the Cornwall Motorfest 2019, the premier motorcycle show in the South West. As part of the celebration, they also wanted to hold an IMRG (Indian Motorcycle Riders Group) rally. To make the occasion a success we produced a range of different assets both digital and print.

The assets they asked us to produce included an A2 poster, A5 double-sided leaflet with accompanying digital assets to support the event on social media.

Promotional Material

We worked closely with Indian Motorcycle to design a poster for Indian dealers across the country. The poster advertised an exclusive promotional incentive for Indian Motorcycle owners to attend the event. As well as information about the event itself and why they should gather together in celebration of a legend. The leaflet included key information about the ticket prices and guide to purchase them. 

A key part of the campaign was the creation of social media assets. As well as the regular posts we created an event banner for a Facebook event for Indian Motorcycle Owners and IMRG Members. These posts were pushed across Facebook and Instagram before and during the event to raise awareness for it.


The poster took design cues directly from the established Indian Motorcycle brand. The poster clearly shows the Indian Motorcycle and the Cornwall Motorfest logo. The leaflet front mirrored the poster to make it clear that it was an accompanying piece of design. On the reverse side a simple layout was used to clearly show what was included for each of the offers. A QR code was used to add extra interest and make a quick link to buy tickets.

Digital Assets

We made digital assets that could be posted on Facebook, Instagram and also stories. These all linked to either the event page on Facebook as it contained all the information and a link to the tickets or directly to the ticket’s website. This led to the event ‘reach’ being 15.1k people and received almost 400 responses to the event.

As well as posting on the week running up to the Cornwall Motorfest 2019, we put together a paid Facebook campaign. This was targeted at people who liked the Indian Motorcycle event page and also people with an interest in Motorcycles. The paid campaigns reach was almost 35,000 people. It also led to an overall increase in post reach for all posts by Indian Motorcycle on Facebook and also increased the page engagement by 144%.