Indian Motorcycle Promotional Material


Indian Motorcycle approached us to provide promotional material for events during 2018. They attended the Motorcycle Live Event and started their FTR1200 product launch roadshow.

We were asked to create promotional items for the Motorcycle Live event with accompanying social media coverage. We were also asked to create promotional flags for the FTR1200 launch roadshow.

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Promotional Material

Since Indian Motorcycle is a dealer led brand, they wanted us to design a map for use at Motorcycle Live so visitors could easily identify their local dealer. The leaflets included contact information for all dealers across the UK and Ireland so it could be kept and referred to at a later date.

We also produced a roller banner together with an iPad splash screen alongside social media posts advertising free coffee at Motorcycle Live for Indian Motorcycle Owners and IMRG (Indian Motorcycle Riders Group) Members. It was pushed across Facebook and Instagram before and during the event to raise awareness of the offer. The offer was in partnership with Sam’s Diner so we designed and produced custom cups to promote both brands throughout the event.

Finally, as part of the FTR1200 roadshow, we produced flags to be used at each dealer location to draw attention to the product launch at the dealer’s premises.

15627 Indian Dealer Map List
15627 Indian Dealer Map List2

Dealer Map

The dealer map took design cues directly from the established Indian Motorcycle brand. The front side clearly shows the locations of all Indian Motorcycle dealers across the UK and Ireland. The reverse side used a simple grid layout to clearly show contact details for each of the dealers. Icons were used for the phone numbers and web addresses to add interest and maximise available space.

Ftr1200 Flag Mockup
Ipad Mockup Lr
Roller Banner Lr

Free Coffee Promotion

We were given the freedom to create artwork for the free coffee promotion at Motorcycle Live. We took a more rustic approach when considering design options for the promotion but remained within the perceived tone of voice of the brand.

Using hand-drawn visual elements alongside realistic images of wooden and painted textures we created the look of a rustic coffee shop. Pseudo-3D elements were used to create a sense of depth.

The offer was in partnership with Sam’s Diner, so we designed and produced custom cups to promote both brands throughout the event. This design was also included on the promotional banners and iPad screen.

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