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We were asked by K Two Sales to revitalise their brand to increase their presence this would be applied across printed and digital media.

We focused on taking advantage of their established colours and added interest with accompanying shapes and effects.

K Two 2017 Light

Brand Refresh

When the brand was refreshed in 2014 the decision to use black as the dominating colour was a bold decision, moving the brand forward and further away from its competitors. Since then, other manufacturers of similar products have used similar design features closing the unique style gap K Two had created.

The decision was made to update the brand’s look to keep it ahead of its competitors, redefining the style of its product markets once again. We looked to alternative design techniques to add complexity and uniqueness while still providing clear information and technical details.


Ktwo Cover 1
Ktwo Spread 1
Ktwo Cover 2

Product Brochures

Focusing on their established colours with the recent addition of the K Two Grey paint finish, we added more depth to the design of their brochures by using gradients of grey instead of solid black that had been used in the past. The angular design of their products was brought into their brochure design by including shapes that mirrored this look. Additional interest was added by including flashes of white with occasional lens flare effects to provide points of focus for the reader.

We modified the product range groups to ensure defined ranges for certain markets. This was also done to provide clearer comparisons between different ranges, therefore, streamlining the process of a customer choosing their ideal model.

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Ktwo Spread 2

Social Media

As part of the brand refresh, we were asked to take control of K Two’s social media channels to provide a consistent and engaging online community while also driving more traffic to the product pages and website in general.

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Product Photography

To ensure we showed K Two’s products in the best possible light, our photography team visited the manufacturing facility in Buckinghamshire on several occasions to make sure we had the latest shots of all the newest models in the best weather conditions possible. We do our best to make sure there is minimal post-processing required to save both time and money.

When digital processing is required, however, we use the latest Photoshop software to remove blemishes, lens flares or items that couldn’t be excluded while shooting. We can ensure the best look for these large products by balancing colours, reducing haze and increasing clarity to make sure they look as they would in person.

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