Lydford Caravan and Camping Park


Lydford Caravan and Camping Park approached us asking to have their website modernised and updated. This meant a redesign of the logo was needed to go with the new website.


Previously the logo design was the business name and number, this has been redesigned, incorporating icons related to caravan and camping. The logo design links in with the website that uses camping icons throughout.

Lydford Website Design


We optimised the Lydford Caravan and Camping Park’s website to make it optimised for search engines this will grow the quality and quantity of website traffic. By rewriting the content for each page and making sure the important information was displayed and organised ensured that the site is SEO friendly. It is fully responsive therefore you are able to view the website on any screen size, such as a phone, laptop or tablet. This also allows the site to rank higher on search engines.

The website has a specific bookings page that links to a third party booking site to allow ease of booking for the customers but also for Lydford Caravan and Camping Park to easily collate the information.

Old Website

New Website


Modernising the website meant keeping consistent branding and colour scheme, that is fitting for a caravan and camping park business. 

The new website design has allowed for better use of the photos provided, more have been displayed of the park than previously. The use of imagery helped to make the local activities page more visually appealing and easy to read. The images on the website have also been optimised for fast loading.

Tariffs Page

The Tariffs page for the website has been redesigned so that it is easy for potential customers to identify the pitch they want and see how much it will cost. 

Tariffs Table

This is helped with a colour coded table and season guide. Meaning that customers will be more likely to book, as they are able to understand the pricing structure.

Book Online Page

There is a nod to the previous website design by using a similar wave design at the top and bottom of each page. The wave design represents the hills and landscape that surrounds the campsite.


The footer can be seen at the bottom of every page on the website.


Content has been rewritten and organised throughout the website to make it easier to read in smaller chunks. A hierarchy of text is important in the design as it allows the reader to understand at a glance the order of importance of the information. The title is larger and bold. Whereas the body text is smaller, regular and grey. These features make the text easier to understand.