MS Instruments Brochure


MS Instruments wanted a redesign of their products and services brochure to take to the SHOT Show 2020 in January.

Previously the brochure was a folder with product pages, but they found they were not using the folder insert in the back. So, a straightforward A4 brochure redesign was requested.

Corporate Brochure

The brief was to keep to the company’s style and branding whilst keeping it visually appealing and easy to read. We were asked to use their logo, colours and graphic assets throughout the brochure.

Having completed business cards and a website for MS Instruments in the past we were able to continue the design style when creating the brochure. This included utilising the colours red and grey which are featured within their logo and instantly recognisable as MS Instruments.



As this brochure was featuring many different aspects of MS Instrument’s services the design needed to be flexible as well as consistent. To achieve this each double page spread had a different layout for that service or product but the colour palette was kept to the brand and a theme of angles and rectangles were used throughout. This kept the information sectioned into easy to digest sections


For the cover, an abstract approach was taken to grab the users attention. The red and grey shape drop shadows behind create a 3D illusion. The red striped box has movement created by lighter and darker striped lines which were used to reflect the ballistic services.