Polaris Social Media Advertising


Polaris approached us looking to increase their social media presence. To achieve this we designed various graphics and wrote social media posts to promote their products, accessories and brochures. 

Polaris Logo

Basecamp Posts 

To promote their Polaris Basecamp posts we designed graphics that would advertise the news stories. The copy was then written by us to promote their blog website alongside designed artwork. This was then posted to the various Polaris social media channels with a link directing them to the specific article on Polaris Basecamp.

Accessories Posts 

To increase the exposure of accessories we created a social media schedule, including a weekly post, to advertise the accessories across the various social media platforms. We scheduled the posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. The posts were amended slightly, between each platform, so they fit with each platforms guidelines as well as fit the different tones that each platform requires. For example, different requirements can include word count on twitter or image size.

 The social media posts required artwork for this we placed the logo or award emblem on top of images of the Polaris vehicles. These images came from photographs SW1 has previously taken as part of an asset collection shoot and product launch event. All of the copy for the posts are also written by SW1.

Additional Posts

Additional social media advertising was created to encourage social media users to download the latest brochures from Polaris and view recently won awards. This was done through a ‘call to action’ on the posts such as ‘view more on the website’.