We were briefed by Quicke to create a quarterly dealer newsletter for their brand which would be printed and emailed out, as a way to increase interest and use it as a method to impart important product updates, introduce the Quicke UK team and upcoming events to their dealers.

To strengthen the community, we included stories about new products and services and details about current offers they can take advantage of. We also included future events to help dealers inform their customers about them and advertise and promote themselves and their activities.

Q news

When the newsletter was being designed the only requirements were that it was Quicke branded and included all the relevant points of information. Due to this being the first newsletter the company have produced, we made it a 6-page roll fold so more information was included, such as a welcome letter, introducing employees and their headquarters relocation.

The Q News logo was created to match the corporate style and be relevant to the brand. The newsletter was aimed at and had to be appropriate for the community of end-users and dealers who shared a joint passion for Quicke products and farming.


The main focus of the newsletter was for it to be image led. This included product images, event images and employee photographs. We added interest by putting the images in circular shapes to make them look layered and break up the copy. The angles on the titles and sub-headings also made the design less corporate and more customer and consumer friendly.

Colour is an important aspect of the design as it takes advantage of the established colours used in all Quicke promotional materials and branding making it instantly recognisable as a Quicke communication.

Alongside the mailing copy of the newsletter, we also produced an email to go alongside the newsletter. See the online version here.


Having recently started working with Quicke we made a visit to their headquarters so that we could build up a library of images that could be included in this newsletter.

SW1 prides itself on getting the right shot to portray the product and message in the correct light. Using the latest digital photo editing software, we can ensure images are processed efficiently and accurately every time meaning the best shot possible.