Ritchie iLivestock Flyer

Ritchie joined forces with a company called iLivestock and they came to SW1 for an advertising campaign and promotional material to inform dealers and customers about the integration, benefits, features and offer.



The design needed to be simple to communicate the benefits of the integration of the iLivestock and Ritchie products to a market place where digital can be complicated.

The leaflet size is slightly smaller than A4 size, to match Ritchies current literature style. Attention was paid to ensure that the two different brands complemented each other on the leaflet with the Ritchie branding being orange and the iLivestock blue. The leaflet features the Ritchie 150-years logo which was created to promote the age of the business during 2020. 

Content for the flyer was written by SW1 to be as informative as possible, as the product (eWeigh) will be new to the Ritchie dealers. The content includes all the latest offers from their partnership with iLivestock.

Lydford Website Design


A Ritchie branded email was sent out to the dealers that included all the information from the flyer ensuring they had access to all the information digitally and easily. Including extra pricing and technical details. 

Social Media

Social media posts were created with snippets of information taken from the flyer so as to get across the detail and educated the market place with small packets of information and these were made to advertise the offers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. iLivestock were also tagged in each social media post for more reach.