Ritchie Product Catalogue


We were tasked with producing a product catalogue for Ritchie Agricultural that displayed products in-situ and also isolated on their own.

The final printed catalogues were produced to a high standard and the catalogue size was 175 x 226mm.

Ritchie Pp Logo

Product Catalogue

SW1 pulled together sector-specific​ content and colour coded each core product section, as you can see below in the contents. Throughout the catalogue,​ the products are shown being used in real-life situations and are also isolated on their own and placed against a white background..

While having the product speak for itself in the images, we also needed to make sure the correct technical information went alongside each of the products this is where tables and bullet points are added as a way to effectively display facts and figures..

Ritchie Product Catalogue 2018 V22
Ritchie Product Catalogue 2018 V23


Most design cues were taken from the logo and previous artwork with additional elements included to add interest and allow all the information to fit in. Four colours were used, brown, blue, orange and purple, each coloured section related to the core product line. This divides the catalogue into segments while keeping the design style consistent.

Images are placed as backgrounds and in boxes with borders depending on which showcased the product best. Text boxes were either white or a tint of the colour of the section. Drop shadows are used on the boxes to add depth and make certain aspects stand out.

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Ritchie Product Catalogue 2018 V24
Ritchie Product Catalogue 2018 V25
Ritchie Product Catalogue 2018


SW1 work with RITCHIE and customers of RITCHIE all across the UK for a range of on-location shoots of the products. We are also supplied photos where shoots are not possible. We are then required to select the correct images for the product.

SW1 prides itself on getting the right shot to convey a product or message in the best light. Due to some locations having high amounts of mud and dirt, digital cleaning techniques were used in some situations to highlight the product and make it stand out.

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