The Ranges


We were asked to put together a corporate brochure explaining all of The Ranges’ services and what they can do for their customers, current and prospective.

The feel of the brochure needed to reflect the high quality of the company and services provided.

The Ranges Logo

Corporate Brochure

With no previous brochure of this kind encompassing all aspects of the services available, SW1 had free reign to create a brochure that highlighted different aspects of the company. The only requirements were the use of a purple branding element and font family associated with The Ranges.

Due to the nature of ballistic testing and shooting ranges, it was an easy decision to make the orientation of the brochure landscape. After the content of the brochure had been decided it was clear a double page spread would be needed to fully appreciate each aspect and service available.

Spread Preview 1
Spread Preview 3
Spread Preview 2
Spread Preview 4


The main focus throughout the brochure was for it to be image-led, this can prove to be challenging with a service based company. However, SW1 was able to obtain several shots during ballistics testing of various materials and utilise library photographs taken and held by SW1 for their customers.

The purple branding element was utilised in the brochure to link together picture and the text boxes, therefore, creating a consistent style throughout. Shadowed frames were added to photographs to lift them and create a 3D layered feel. Finally, to highlight titles the purple branding element was utilised further.

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Foiling Lr
Uv Camera Lr
Uv Detail 3 Lr

Special Finishes

To further highlight different aspects of The Ranges it was decided to make use of a varnish applied during the print process. This enabled us to focus on the most important aspect of the picture and draws the viewers’ attention.

The cover was kept very simple by only including the logo, which was finished in a silver foil block. It was also printed with a soft laminate finish to further enhance the premium feel of the brochure and The Ranges as a company.

On-Site Photography

Having worked with The Ranges for many years and through making several visits to the range and its testing areas, we had built a library of images that we were able to take advantage of to produce this brochure.

SW1 prides itself on getting the right shot to convey a product or message in the best light. Using the latest digital photo editing software we can ensure images are processed efficiently and accurately every time meaning you’ll always have the perfect shot.

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