XLR Jet Centres Promotional Brochure


We were asked to produce promotional brochures to showcase XLR’s Executive Jet Centres. Images were the main focus of the design with a sharp layout to harmonise with their established brand.

High-value finishes were used in the production of the brochures to reinforce the luxury feel of the XLR brand.

Xlr Logo Blue

Promotional Brochure

We were asked to create a four-page brochure for XLR to include attractive images, services information, and contact details for each location. With no previous brochure of this kind, we had a clean slate to create a brochure that stood out.

The only requirement was that the brochure is consistent with the XLR brand. While the images show the luxury interiors of the jet centres, the text was also needed to provide all relevant information about the services provided at each location.

15552 Xlr Jet Centres Brochure Sw1 Web 2
15552 Xlr Jet Centres Brochure Sw1 Web
15552 Xlr Jet Centres Brochure Sw1 Web 1


Design cues were taken from the XLR logo and website. Elements, such as thin dividers, were used to create a sharp look. A starkly simple grid layout was chosen for the content to let the images speak for themselves with no unnecessary distractions.

The front cover’s minimalist design was influenced by the XLR website. No images of the jet centres were used so none were singled out over the others.

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Xlr Jet Centres Brochure 2
Xlr Jet Centres Brochure 3
Xlr Jet Centres Brochure 4

Special Finishes

Special finishes were used to ensure the quality of the brochure was consistent with the XLR brand. The brochure itself was covered with a soft-touch laminate for an enhanced premium feel and the logo employed a high-shine silver foil.

Both of these finishes, alongside the 400gsm silk printing material, exude luxury and harmonise with the XLR brand.

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