Behind SW1

About US

Behind SW1

About US

Our Mission

Our experience starts with the client, to make each step seamless from start to finish.

Work to elevate the meaning behind each brand, through excellent communication, and commit to creating innovative results.

Work creatively and strategically to upscale our clients’ businesses through high-end creatives and strategic initiatives, customised for their business to reach their ideal audience and brand goals.


About us


We love marketing and we love creating. We are husband-and-wife with a small team.

David is the managing director; an accomplished marketing expert with a strong background in developing and implementing strategic marketing campaigns, and strong communication skills and a passion for innovative marketing approaches.

Eusella is the creative director; an experienced graphic designer with a proven track record of creating visually captivating designs and skilled in conceptualising and executing innovative design solutions.

We are based in the Southwest, which sounds idyllic, (and most of the time it is) but we travel the length and breadth of the county. David especially enjoys face-to-face communication and picking up the phone for a chat.

We can do everything all the other marketing agencies can do; our USP is us. We can give you a laundry list of all our services but seriously whatever you need we can do it.

Check out our look books to get a feel for the creative or pick up the phone and have a chat with David – 01823 772613.

The Process


We pride ourselves on our brand research and communication. We recognise your story as a key selling feature. How can we take your story, visualise it, bring it to life, and allow it to solve your ideal audiences’ problems? We research your business and competitors behind the scenes to ensure you stand out regardless of the budget you are working with.


Design conceptualisation, generating ideas for an optimum solution to the design problem. These ideas stem originally from the product idea and stated definitions of the design problem.


We break the design process down into stages. What we present has been carefully and thoughtfully designed with your business’ key selling features in mind.
It is the fun stage that is presented to you. We have a very hands-on approach where we ensure ideas between both parties are communicated effectively.


We ensure that all exported files are delivered to you in high quality. We also believe the project isn’t finished unless you are 100% satisfied!
The end of the project doesn’t mean it’s the end for us! We ensure support during and after the project, and we like building lasting relationships.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book and secure my spot?

We usually book up at least 1 month in advance. Securing your spot happens in four easy steps. Send an inquiry form through our contact page. We will discuss your business’ goals, our process, and secure a timeline. Following this, we send you a client contract and 50% deposit invoice. The contract must be signed and sent back, and the 50% deposit must be paid for your spot to be secured for the date discussed. Once these two have been done your spot has been secured for the date discussed. 

Do you have payment plans for your services?

Yes! We work on a payment plan basis always. Our usual structure is a 50% deposit on the quoted amount for your interested service(s) and the remaining 50% at the end to help out with your investment finances.

I have some questions before i jump on board, do you book calls?

Depending on if this is your first time hiring a graphic designer, questions are normal! A 30-minute discovery call is complimentary and encouraged before hopping into any project to see if we’re a good fit. We will forward you some dates and times to select and choose from to schedule this in. An inquiry needs to be filled out first.

What does the project timeline look like?

Each package or service’s timeline is different and if not tailored to you and your business. This will be determined after learning more about the project scope in the inquiry stage. The start date is based on our next available date. 

Are revisions included in your pricing?

Yes, two revisions are included in any project unless quoted otherwise. We will send out a document outlining how to best utilise revisions when we work together.

Im interested, but don't think I want to book a complete package, can I book services separately?

Yes, our packages are as bespoke as your business – we will work with you on your business needs. 

How long do I have to provide feedback for a desin concept / proposal?

We understand the need to sit and consider designs! This is important and prevents rushed decisions. We do ask you to please keep feedback within a week from when the design was sent out to stay on track. We will follow up if we don’t receive a response.

If we do not hear from you in over 2 weeks, the team will touch base and notify you that the project might be put on temporary pause due to the lack of response. Once we hear back from you we will find a new time to reconvene to stay on top of communication.

Ready to stand out and

reach your customers with intentional Marketing