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lms highways


Previously LMS had separate leaflets for each of their product ranges which were given to prospective customers in a folder. They felt it would be easier for clients to have everything in one place, in one brochure, so we were tasked with this amalgamation.

corporate brochure

The brief was very loose, and we were able to put our own stamp on the design, only ensuring the logo usage and fonts were set to their brand guidelines.

Having completed an advertising brief for LMS which utilised the shapes within their logo we decided to follow this through into their brochure.


As this brochure was combining different aspects of LMS’s business the design needed to reflect this, as well as, having a consistency throughout to show LMS as a whole. To achieve this each double page spread has a different layout for that product range but the colour palette was kept to brand and a theme of rectangles and circles was used throughout. This keeps the information segmented into easy to digest, bite-size chunks.


For the cover, a more abstract approach was taken to be attention grabbing, especially as no one image could portray the range of services LMS provide. The rectangles were used to reflect the concrete replacement service and orange was incorporated as a nod to LMS fixing or repairing roads and bridges.