Ritchie Agriculture 2022 catalogue


The Client: Ritchie Agriculture – manufacturer of livestock handling equipment.

The Project: 2022 catalogue


The Aim: Ritchie has a broad product range with a dealership network across the UK, their catalogue has to communicate to different markets within the farming industry. The catalogue is used within the dealerships and at agricultural trade shows.

The Undertaking: SW1 has produced Ritchie’s product catalogue in the past and Ritchie felt now was a good time to update the format. SW1 kept the style relatively similar only changing the orientation to landscape. This gave the catalogue a new feel and refreshed the content. Due to the restrictions of Covid-19 new product images were scares. This market prefers to see the equipment working so yard shots were out of the question.

The Result: Changing the format removed the need for several new product photographs as the catalogue felt refreshed. The catalogue continues to be an important sales tool for the Ritchie team.

Other projects with Ritchie Agriculture – product promotion leaflets, social media management, print advertising, user testimonials including on-site interviews and photography, business cards.