Knowing how to market your small business can be tricky; all have a lot of competition to deal with, and the pending cost of living squeeze makes us focus on what will deliver the best ROI. 

As small businesses, we want to survive this bleak economic era and thrive. So, here are four tips for ensuring your marketing activities are ready to take on the market.

Empathetic messaging

How you say it can often be more important than what you say. Failing to ‘read the room’ can be a massive communication and marketing failure when people struggle to afford their daily bills.

Tailoring your marketing materials to highlight how your products or services provide helpful solutions to customers and businesses during this economic time is better than ploughing on and hoping for the best. 


Brand transparency within your goes beyond acknowledging that times are tough. Keeping your customers informed and being transparent about rising product costs and explaining why that may be is an excellent way of developing trust instead of quietly raising prices. Working with your customers to help them get the best deal for them will exceed their expectations during this time. 

Useful cost-saving content

Money-off offers may seem the way forward, but this only devalues your product or service. Providing information on how your customer can get the most out of your product, make it last longer and how it can deliver a better ROI than your competitors is incredibly valuable for your clients.

Open Dialogue

Talking to your prospects and customers during this time is more important than anything; use this time to find their pinch points and help them find a solution with the products and services you offer. 

These tips will help you optimise your marketing messages during the cost of living squeeze. If you have more questions or want to book a free digital marketing review, please get in touch.