Quicke Virtual Show


COVID-19 brought many challenges with it for companies in 2020.  ALO UK, owners of Quicke, were unable to present their range of loaders and implements to their dealers and customers face to face, so we did it virtually.

Working alongside the loader manufacturer, SW1 assisted with planning on layout, style and gaining all required clearances and insurances for drones on the site.

Joining the team in Scotland, we filmed the Sales and Technical representatives showcasing their latest range of tractor loaders and implements.  Whilst back in the studio, we created a digital hub just for the show.

We launched initially via social media; the Quicke team were able to introduce themselves and share the developments across the range digitally as if they were at an agricultural show.

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Working from Quicke’s Scottish distribution site, the stage was set, just as if we were at the usual agricultural shows; including jacket potatoes and urns of coffee.

The SW1 team then went about filming product walkarounds and personal introductions by way of interviews, ensuring every angle was captured with both spoken word and captured video with a range of different cameras and equipment.


Due to Quicke UK having a globally managed website, SW1 created the digital showground, embedding videos across its layout with an interactive map to help people easily navigate the show from a desktop or mobile device.

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Quicke Virtual Show
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Using the full suite of social channels used by Quicke, also managed by our team, the videos were posted onto the Quicke UK YouTube channel first with intros being posted across Instagram and Facebook to direct customers to the digital showground.

Both short teaser clips and full videos were scheduled to be posted regularly across the social networks, with each being monitored to ensure the best engagement and reach.

PR was sent out to agriculture publications, (include the link to farming UK) to help promote the show to further assist with its promotion and the digital showground has subsequently been used across Quicke’s dealer network for their virtual shows.


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